Bringing Out the Best in Nonprofits

Bringing out the best in organizations.

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The Big Idea

Effectiveness starts with our environment.

In other words, it’s often context that helps or hurts our ability to be effective. While simple, this idea is extraordinary. It means that organizations can transform themselves by understanding how to create more supportive environments for their people. reDirect is committed to exploring how this idea can help nonprofits achieve a greater impact. In fact, we have it down to a science. We call it Supportive Environments for Effectiveness (SEE).

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Our Mission

We collaborate with organizations to explore strategies that enhance individual and group effectiveness.

Building Supportive Environments

Building supportive environments, together.

Nonprofits bring out the best in our world. reDirect helps bring out the best in their people by providing coaching and resources based on the Supportive Environments for Effectiveness (SEE) framework. When nonprofits adopt a SEE-mindset and experiment with small changes in their work environments, transformation is possible.

What's possible with SEE?

Placing supportive environments at the center of organizational decision-making helps nonprofits realize the potential of their staff, communications, and programs.

Supported Staff

Supported Staff

Working in a nonprofit can be an incredibly rewarding experience—and an incredibly exhausting one. SEE helps organizations identify what’s working and what isn’t with regard to organizational culture, and develop strategies that enable staff to feel energized, supported, and gratified.

Productive Communications

The way nonprofits share information matters—too much, too little, or none at all can lead to undesirable outcomes. Our process helps organizations understand the ways people engage with information, and rethink “business as usual” communications practices to make room for increased understanding and engagement.

Impactful Programs

Impactful Programs

Program work is at the heart of nonprofits’ missions. Our process can help organizations clarify program aims so they’re clear and actionable, and develop environments ripe for collaboration and innovation.