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Mission & Values

Who we are and what we believe.

Our Mission

reDirect provides nonprofits with coaching and resources that help them better understand and address a wide range of challenges in order to bring out the best in their people and realize the potential of their missions.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation upon which we’re built—informing all we do, and serving as our benchmarks for measuring our actions and outcomes. They help us know what to cultivate both in ourselves and in our work with others, and how to express who we are and aspire to be. We believe in:


Decades of research about how humans think and act has cultivated in us a deep empathy for our common humanity. We strive to bring that understanding to all of our engagements as a foundation.

Small Changes

Large-scale transformation starts with small-scale experimentation. We’re committed to initiating and supporting small ideas that carry the potential to grow in exciting and unexpected ways.


As academics, we’re not interested in speculation—we’re interested in the facts and what we can do with them. Objective research propels us to explore new, uncharted paths for solving tough problems.


Research is only as revolutionary as the change it's able to create. We believe we need to get our hands dirty outside of the classroom, working in practical ways to achieve meaningful change.


When people come together to support and engage the diverse talents of those around them, the limits of what’s possible become less rigid. We strive to engage collaboratively with our partners, speaking with candor and acting with integrity.